HIK 1080P HD CCTV Upgrade for NHS sites. Click 24 Ltd CCTV Service & Repair Manchester


This week we upgraded a 24 camera system at a NHS site,  The existing system was originally a Siemens, Eventis DVR that had been installed as a monitored system.  This had been replaced some years later for a Dedicated Micros DVR.  The 6 PTZ domes were cabled in Cat 5 with Balan’s.  There was full functionality of the existing domes.

The performance of the system, was best describes as dull. dreary and bouncy.  2 of the cameras had interference, you wouldn’t have recognised your own mother on the recordings.  The night vision was useless, cameras were grainy, completely black, there was no basic cover of the areas.

The Solution, Upgrade to Turbo HD

The Result – Absolutely Astounding.

The 2 NVR’s were replaced, 6 new PTZ Cameras and 18 Internal static’s and 2 new Monitors.

I met the client on site on Friday Morning and I was stunned with eh quality, play back and overall performance.  10 years ago we left analogue behind and completely moved the IP.  As a company 95% of our installs have been with IP cameras.  Well this has proved us wrong.

We have a new message. If you’ve got a useless CCTV system like to one above, we have a low cost solution.  The cost of the 24 camera upgrade with 6 domes, recorders and new monitors ,

was a touch over £7,500.00

We have another 8 sites going in  over the next 3 weeks.  If you need any information or simply need a budget cost give us a Buzz on 01706 751990

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Click 24 Ltd. Rochdale Business Awards – New Business Of the Year 2017


We have been accepted to sponsor the New Business of the Year 2017 at the Rochdale Business Awards.  Our Installation business Click Fire & Security Ltd was a finalist in the 2012 Awards.

Still a very new business operating in our environment it seems the most fitting for us as a business.  The event on the 10th November will be attended by our management team and several people from the local business community who have work with us for the last 5 years

The companies growing steadily now as it becomes known around the North West.  Everything’s still fresh in our minds and were more than aware how tough it is to get up and running in the present economy.  Were always available if any local businesses need advise on start up issues and putting workable business plans together

Were hoping there are some strong candidates for the awards and the team are looking forward to the event.




Davantis Video Analytics for Derby Based Power Tool Importer, Installed by Click 24 Ltd

Click technicians are commissioning our latest monitored CCTV system, This is another Dvanatis Installation utilising the latest technology, Video Analytics has the ability to intelligently analyse a scene, and can drastically reduce the number of false and nuisance alarms generated by a CCTV system. With option to add on additional features such as Smart Scene, Smart Wire, and Smart Watch, Video Analytics can be used to protect an ever growing number of sites, in scenarios that would be almost impossible using any other technology.

The monitoring utilises 12 of the 16 external cameras, the Installation has a total of 70 cameras all recorded on HIK 9600 series NVR’s

The audio announcement is delivered to the TOA amplifier by a Barix IP unit. 14 TOA 15 watt external horns have been installed.

The site is an open site. there is no fence line and the car park is open.

The detection will be kept close to the building, the system will be checked every day for the first few weeks for the monitoring and adjustment of the zones to ensure the site received the optimum cover based on an open site operation


HIK Vision DS-7316HUHI-F4/N with DS-2AE5223TI-A CCTV Upgrade to NHS Sites, Manchester

Click 24 have recently been entrusted with a contract to upgrade the CCTV systems at Several NHS sites around the North West.  The sites are all around 10 years old and the client decided to change all of the equipment

There is a major improvement in the quality of the image viewing live, the images don’t degrade in the recording process, the replay is almost as good as the live view.  Increased disk size has extended the current recording time.

The PTZ cameras are controlled by a twist/zoom keyboard.  One of the sites has 6 external domes, 17 static’s 2 Turbo HD DVR’s new monitors and commissioning,  The works took 4 days

One point we made to the client, the upgrade has probably cost a 3rd of the cost of the original system.  Click have been installing IP CCTV system for the last 10 years.  The Turbo HD definitely has a place in the market for upgrading any coaxial system

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NSI Gold Access Paxton Access Control System for Manchester School External Gates

The need for School premises to be secure in term time is essential to the management of the school, last month we visited a primary school.  This is quite unusual in the fact it has the usual vehicle entrance  and pedestrian entrance but there’s also a shared facility just outside the school premises that the teachers and staff need to use during lesson time.

A solution was found was found to be practical and user friendly.  The vehicle gate will be fitted with BFT hydraulic arms and all of the required Safety Edges, photo cells and exit loops. the gate has a Paxton Net 2 Reader.  The gate will open automatically for 30 minutes to allow the staff to enter, after the period the system will close the gate, staff will have to use the fob to open the gate.

The pedestrian gate will have a Locinox Closer to keep the gate closed.  A Gate lock will keep the gate secure.  The Video Intercom is a Paxton Net 2 system. to exit gate there is a button on a post 1 metre in for the gate

The shared entrance is for staff only.  this has no audio, the system has readers on both sides of the doors, only people with fobs can use the gate.

The works will prevent free access to the school grounds, in addition  to the gates we are also installing 4 Access Control Doors

The works will take 1 week to complete

April 2017


Wireless Fire Alarm System for Manchester

Click engineers this week commissioned the first phase of a Hybrid Fire Alarm Installation at the prestigious Manchester Hall

The system supplier Hy-Fire carried out full tests of the radio signals on site

The system will run across the development and provide a system in line with the requirements of BS5839 Type L1 system

Fire Equipment




Intruder Alarm Signaling. When things go wrong.


Intruders up to “Old Tricks”  FullSizeRenderWe continually preach the same message.

key holders have to expect calls.

A key holding company is often better than staff

Police response to a burglary is priceless when your being burlgled

There has been an increase in the amount of burglaries and attempted forced entries to our clients and other local businesses.  Although the systems are working fine our clients are not following their procedures

Below are Three examples of things going wrong and a Click System

System 1,  A Rochdale company had burglars on Friday Night.  The system activated and sent a confirmed alarm to the monitoring station,  The client did not answer the phone as he didn’t recognise the number.  There was NO POLICE RESPONCE.  The intruder waited around to see if anyone came to check, no one attended and the system re-set after 30 minutes. The intruders came back after one hour, entered the building and stole cash

The client has now put the system on Police Response and has saved the number in his mobile phone

System 2,

A large business in Rochdale was burgled last week, the system worked fine, none of the key-holders answered the phone.  the burglary went un-detected until the morning after

We have again recommended a Police Response and a local Key Holder service to the client.

System 3

We have been out to a job this week where  the CCTV recorder has been smashed during a break in.  recorders should be kept out of site if possible. this should be a part of the design strategy

System 4

A Click client has had an attempted break in last month, The warehouse has an Intruder and Analytic CCTV system.  The intruders came onto site at 11 pm and where warned of site by the PA system.  Our key holder attended and all was OK.  The same intruders cam back at 3am in the morning.  Again they were warned off site by the PA system, this time they were a bit more persistent, the Police and Key Holder arrived before they got chance to enter the building

Wireless Fire Alarm System for Manchester Hall


Click Fire & Security Ltd has been awarded the contract to install a new Fire Alarm System in the Manchester Hall Development.  The building is being re-furbished to it’s former glory

The system has been designed to cover all of the landlords area, a large part of the system is Wireless with the lower floors being cabled conventionally, the HiFire system is a Hybrid Solution perfect for this type of installation

Click technicians have completed the training course for the commissioning of the system


CCTV Rochdale – New Turbo HD Upgrade


Technology has moved on so much over the last 10 years within the CCTV market the images from the older cameras is around 20 times lower than the modern 4MP IP unit. But!  There’s always a But!!.  Can companies afford the upgrade.

We’ve been trialing the Turbo HD and we may have found the answer, the coaxial cameras can be upgraded with new Turbo HD 1080p cameras, the recorder needs to change.  There’s an instant improvement, night vision, better images and better recordings

This is a low cost solution and allows the existing coaxial infrastructure to be used to upgrade to the next level

For information call our office 01706 751990

DD September 2016

Turbo HD cameras