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Access Control

NSI Gold Access Control Systems

Click 24's NSI Gold accredited touch screen access control system

Click 24 install and maintain Paxton Access Control Systems

Access Control and Entry Control Systems

The effective monitoring of movements by staff and visitors is paramount to many businesses. That means that having a system in place to control who gets in and out of your building is hugely important. Whether you are looking to control people’s access to a building with 1 or 1000 doors, Click 24 are the professionals you should call on to develop a system that is bespoke to your needs.

All of our staff are experienced in the Access Control sector of the security industry and will offer advice to ensure you are offered the optimum solution for your requirements, no matter how big or small. Our installations include Access Control Systems by industry-leading providers such as Paxton, TDSI and Honeywell.

Click 24's access control door using a fob

Our Access Control System Options

Click 24's access control door using a card

Small Access Control Solutions

Click 24 have a large range of equipment and are able to provide a cost-effective solution for the customer with 1 – 6 door requirements for Access Control.  There’s no need for a PC or software in these cases, the Small Access Control systems can work on fobs, tokens or codes.

We also offer a wide selection of Electronic Locking devices including magnetic locks, strike locks and specialist systems to give you and your business extra peace of mind.

Click 24's large PC based system with a key pad

Large PC Based Systems

For those customers requiring an Access Control solution with anywhere from 1- 1000 doors, Click 24 are on hand to put that in place. These systems are managed by software on a PC or server and can be combined with a selection of Electronic Locking devices.

Our PC Based Access Control Systems can have enhanced security for high risk areas and are often equipped with Pin Readers and/or Biometrics plus Door Ajar & Door Forced Alarms to alert operators of a breech in the system.

Click 24's multi site access control system with monitor

Multi-site Systems

Many larger companies require Doors, External Gates and Barriers controlling and administering the access of staff and visitors over a company’s various sites. Working seamlessly over separate facilities, the Multi-site Access Control Systems can go onto a company’s IT systems and work across their networks. The same control and connectivity can be done over the internet.

The systems and features available are identical to the PC Based Access Control Systems but operate on a larger scale.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Audio & Video Entry Systems

Audio Entry Systems are normally installed at external entry points to the site or building, a visitor depresses the selected button on the unit, this calls for example reception, the receptionist would answer the call and allow entry to site when the visitor is identified.

Video Door Entry systems work in the same manner but also send a video stream to the member of staff. Visitors can be both spoken to over the audio and identified on the audio monitor.  The door or gate are released from a button on the handset.

audio entry and video entry access control systems

Audio & Video Door monitors allow you to make informed decisions


NSI Gold approved and bespoke to you

All Access Control systems supplied by Click 24 are in line with the requirements of EN50133 and have an NSI Gold Certificate issued on completion.  As all clients are different, dependent on the environment and risk to the building, Click 24 will design a system in line with the customers level of risk.


Intelligent Access Control

Our PC Based Access Control Systems offer a sophisticated approach to managing the movements of people in and around your building, over multiple sites if required. Doors can be set to work at set times such as when the company’s staff arrive or during set time-frames.

The systems also allow for a person’s movements to be traced through the software, which is particularly useful if suspicious activity is occurring. If you need to revoke access, for example, in the case of company leavers, they can be removed from the system at the PC.


A Life without Keys

You can replace a bunch of keys with a single card, fob or code and monitor each and every door a person opens. Certain doors may require readers each side to monitor the entry and exit.

Cards can be deleted from all access control systems & new ones provided for a fraction of the cost involved in having to replace locks. You also have the option to use a mixture of cards, fobs and codes for extra flexibility.

One of the options available at Click 24 - A fob for access control

Say goodbye to the key chain

NET 2 Enabled

Click 24 are experts in the installation of Paxton’s Net2 range, a PC-based Access Control System that can manage and monitor thousands of doors and users. The sytem can also be integrated with other systems within a building, including IP CCTV Cameras.

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