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Brand New Temperature Screening Equipment – Manchester

Aug 27, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Get your temperature screening solution from Click 24

As lock down eases and businesses begin to re-open across the UK, temperature screening is one solution that businesses can use to help keep workers and visitors safe while on site. Employees have begun to return to the workplace from working at home, while others have been taken off of furlough. Businesses are now trying to find solutions to tackle the impacts of COVID-19 as they are concerned not just about the safety of their employees but also their customers and visitors to site.

Here at Click 24, we are always here when you need us and want to be here for you at this time of need. We provide first class Fire and Security solutions for all of our customers and understand the importance of security and safety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thermal image of people who have walked past the temperature screening terminal with their temperatures displayed above their heads.

To further our goal of providing security and safety, we have recently acquired a new product to add to our extensive portfolio, the HIKVISION DS-K5604A-3XF/V MinMoe Temperature Screening Terminal. The terminal aims to make the process of entering your site easy and efficient, while protecting the safety of everyone who enters during this uncertain time.

Full length image of the MinMoe temperature screening terminal.

The temperature screening terminal uses state of the art technology and facial recognition to take a fast skin-surface temperature. The MinMoe terminal facial recognition takes ≤0.2s per user and includes a face capacity of 50,000 people. This means it is quick and efficient making it suitable for environments where large numbers of people are required to pass through at any one time such as at a reception area or an event. It also boasts a facial recognition accuracy of ≥ 99% and a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.1°C, meaning that it is not only efficient, but highly accurate so you can have peace of mind relying on the measurement given.

The MinMoe terminal supports face anti-spoofing which ensures no false facial verification is authorised through means such as photos, videos and masks, maximising the safety of everyone within the vicinity. Once a face is detected, if the user is within the acceptable temperature range, a blue banner appears on the screen with a success message and an audio prompt, authenticating the user to continue. If an abnormal temperature is detected, this triggers a voice prompt as well and the touch screen flashes red. If this occurs, an abnormal temperature message will be presented to the user and authentication will fail.

Moreover, the fever screening terminal comprises of a 10.1 inch touch screen panel with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and a 2MP dual-lens camera which facilitates a clear image and ensure ease of use by all users. Admin accounts can be added which are then able to control the vast range of settings included in the system and gives control to alter any settings which may be required at any time.     

The temperature screening terminals' 10.1 inch touch screen panel which is attached to the stand and bracket and used for the display.

The MinMoe terminal is just under 1.4m tall and includes a stand and bracket. Should you require the terminal in an area which is unmanned, the included bracket means you can mount the terminal to the wall or bolt it into the floor. From doing this, you can have peace of mind that the terminal is fully secure at all times. Additionally, for an area where no staff are present, the terminal is able to communicate with a third-party turnstile via IO output or Wiegand, assuring that nobody can pass through the vicinity without being under the Government recommended temperature (37.8°C/100°F).

In scenarios where people are required to wear face coverings, a setting can be applied where the temperature screening terminal recognises when someone isn’t wearing one. This then prompts a reminder both on screen and through audio to ensure the user is fully aware. If you have it attached to a third-party turnstile, and the user doesn’t comply, it won’t authenticate, therefore meaning it won’t trigger the door or turnstile to open.

This piece of equipment uses plug and play software so that once first connected, it will work perfectly and won’t require any reconfiguration by the user before the first use. It supports rapid deployment and so saves and transfers comparison results and captured images from all users on and offline temperature readings to the client software.

The HIKVISION temperature screening terminal is the perfect piece of equipment for scenarios including schools, factories, stations, enterprises and campuses. For more information, get in touch with a member of our experienced team!

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