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Fire SafetyWe visited the NSI summit this week in Birmingham and listened to three talks about Fire Safety and response from the Fire Brigade.  There was a great concern that the Fire Service sometimes require verification that it’s a real fire before they attend the premises.  One of the speakers highlighted the fact that everyone out safely is the priority, if the building burns to the ground it’s fine, as long as everyone safe.  I wouldn’t argue the point and life has to take president over anything else when the building is occupied

The circumstances are different when the building is empty.  many simple fires start at night and with no one on hand to stop it with an extinguisher it soon gets a hold and the entire property is at risk.  The earlier the warning the better.  A quality Fire Alarm will alarm, sounders will activate and the signal will go through to the Alarm Receiving Centre.  The system won’t be verified though until either the Fire Tender arrives or a member of the public sees the smoke or flames

There are a couple of options for high risk areas that could improve this situation, CCTV has developed into a low cost building management system, a real watch dog, single cameras can see wide areas, the fire alarm can trigger the CCTV to send images through to the monitoring station on the activation of the Fire Alarm. The operator sees the building and can quickly check the cameras and identify any problems and send the information through to the Fire Service

CCTV?  Think of the benefits. manage Health & Safety in the Daytime. Protect the exterior of the building out of hours, monitor staff, pupils and the public within your organisation and be the fire watchdog at night

Many companies have CCTV systems in place, very few have it connected to the Fire Alarm system

The solutions simple, available and were more than happy to give advice on the available systems

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