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CCTV Servicing Manchester, Not a stroll in the park these days


Are we on our own with this?  I don’t think so. I did explain I know others having similar issues.

Over the last 12 months we have seen an increase in our cost to keep our systems up and running.  It seems a while since we installed a simple coaxial system that simply works when you connect both ends of the coax and a competent technician focusing the Camera

I had a meeting on Friday with a manufacturer, the stance was simple, we will not pay for any labour time working on warranty issues?  I’m now not sure this is good business sense for us to continue to provide this product.

There are three incidents that have caused me great concern.  I can’t believe were on our own with these issues, has anyone had anything similar

We recently installed a 64 channel NVR with 2 network cards, the unit has a mass of storage to run the 42 cameras on site.  The client simply rang and asked for the unit to be put onto the councils network through the second card.  Our guy on site was splitting the Nic’s and the unit defaulted.  he re-loaded the program but the unit wouldn’t run. on to technical!! They dialled into the unit and as what seems the norm downloaded a fix which completely shut down the unit.  “It’ll have to come back?  He said”  This is the third time this has happened to us in the last 12 months.  5 hours later we had a spare unit, delivered to site and programmed.  The total time working on this system was 6 hours. 

We don’t have an indication when the unit will be back, we do have an email stating it could be 6 weeks?  I’m hoping they get a move on

Another site with a Click Network. has been dropping cameras, everything ran for 6 months with no issues, we have had different cameras dropping off over the site, this are random and powered from different switches.  The instruction from Tech support is upgrade the firm ware on all of the cameras, upgrade the firmware on the NVR.  Why? is there an issue they are aware of with a previous version of software that they just don’t tell you about.  I was told on Friday, if this doesn’t fix the problems you’ll have to check your switches. 

We have another similar site, just the same

The best one this year though has to be the NVR that was declared confused, a replacement was sent out, turns out this was also confused?.  We got the unit up and running, one of our guys dialled in every hour to check it, it then just fell over again.  The problem turned out to be the new cameras installed were crashing the unit, we took the four new cameras off and it ran perfect.  We reported this back and you guessed it, upgraded the firmware.  it then worked OK.  In this case are we actually doing the field testing

From the meeting on Friday I think we will be looking for a more stable solution.  I accept there will be an added cost but this can be explained to the client.

I think the industry has enough problems working with the early IP systems out there that are now being worked on due to there hard drives switching off and the problems adding the latest cameras to the early versions of software

As ever we’ll keep going but any feedback would be good.  I’m sick of funding these issues, especially when working on a client network that we have no control. I doubt we’ll  be checking there switches




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