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CCTV Systems – What to Buy? – Manchester Based Click 24 Ltd

Deciding on a design for a CCTV system has many options these days.

In the 90’s  Cameras were coaxial, each of the cameras had a single cable connected directly from the camera to the recording device, power for the camera was picked up locally on separate power supplies,  The control equipment would be a multiplexer, VHS recorder with tapes and keyboards, the bigger the system the bigger the multiplexer, recorders recorded 16 cameras, a typical university would have a stack of recorders in a  floor mounted rack. a typical off licence would have a recorder stuffed under a shop counter. All systems worked in the same manner, static cameras recorded on any recorder, the one thing that had to be different was the telemetry protocol, in most cases this was a Belden cable connected to a seperate telemetry board. the telemetry board would be cabled to the camera. in some cases there would be up to 20 separate cables going to a PTZ camera.

The late 90’s and the turn of the century saw the DVR come to the market, they had very small hard drives, the early units only being 30Gb  it only took a couple of years to get to 320GB and later 500gb drives.  The units where popular and removed the need to changing tapes daily as the images were stored digitally on a hard drive.  The recordings became much easier to search on the set menu’s rather than fast forwarding tapes on the Video Recorder.

Everything settled for a few years until the introduction of IP.  This was a major Game Changer. no longer stripping out the quality to send the signal down a coaxial cable. the system now has the capacity to keep the signal in a digital format from end. when you look back 2007 was mainly 640 * 480 which soon developed through the 800 * 600, 1.3 megapixel 2 and now 4 and 5 mega pixel. the recorders having kept pace with the storage demand of the cameras. a typical install could be 24 Tb for a 32 camera system and 4TB for a basic 4 camera unit.

Pictures are sharp, clear and the delivering high quality image for the protection of the business, buildings and people

You can have built in IR on your external cameras, Analytics do everything from monitoring the speed in the car park to monitoring a one way street and following people around buildings

Who should install and maintain these systems

Un-fortunately this has caused a problem with people looking to purchase a system, we all have a friend who can mend a PC. very few of them could look after a school network, servers and administer a multi PC system.  If people are in the market for a system and want the support now required they will need to visit a specialist

Problems faced now are the installation of the Network or the dialogue with the Clients IT specialist, who may not be quite as knowledgeable as he needs to be (sorry if your an IT person but there are some who could do with a little training)   The software has to be set up.  It’s quite common now for the firmware to have to be upgraded on all of the equipment as it comes out of the box.  The term Firmware upgrade is the first thing that comes out of a technical support guys mouth.  I know you manufacturers all disagree, they see it as development.  This means the system you buy and install will still be being developed in the future, it won’t affect you until you add a camera in the future. the chances are you’ll need to upgrade the software on the recorder. you’ll then be doing all of the older cameras.

We’ll give advice for FREE,  I’ve written this earlier this week, we’ve just saved a company a whole load of cash, turns out his local company couldn’t find the fault on the cameras and quoted him for new. the cameras simply needed a firmware upgrade. it’s all working for £240.00.





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