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Springhill Hospice Business Buddies

Many of my local contacts have become part of this wonderful group. In fact both of my businesses are ‘Business Buddies’ which is how we have chosen to ‘give back’ in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The club is quite simple a small monthly donation is paid by Direct Debit. We are then offered a monthly breakfast meeting, promoted on the Business Buddies Website and of course welcomed with open arms in to the fundraising and support arm of this amazing organisation which has touched the hearts of everyone in Rochdale.

If you would like more information just drop me a line at robert@anthonyk.co.uk

In fact this has become the only regular breakfast meeting for local business owners with around 20 attendees at Hospice Coffee  Shop – The Craven.  However the aim wasn’t initially a  networking event. The focus is clearly on how the Hospice can engage with local businesses. We help with tips and ideas to see how we can help impact the fundraising of this wonderful place to help the very ill.

So if you are a small business looking to network or get to know other local business to a larger business looking to improve your CSR then please get involved.   For me it’s about knowing I am contributing and this quite selfishly rounds a circle where giving back was missing from my overall fairly balanced life.

My vision for this is huge. Currently around 40 businesses subscribe – this should and could get to 500.  The monthly donations will create some awesome funds but EVEN BETTER is that every time you or one of your employees takes part in a fundraising activity it is to raise money for the Hospice. Imagine the comraderie and health benefits of your team running a half marathon, a mud race, hosting a fundraising evening or even as simple as volunteering at the Hospice?  My personal view is that many of us need to promote giving back in to our businesses, to support employees in their pursuits for fitness and volunteering and this club just about ticks all the boxes.

This group truly is a win-win for the businesses and people of Rochdale. Any support you can lend would be much appreciated.

Give me a call on 0161 655 3200 or email robert@anthonyk.co.uk for more information.

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