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Integrated CCTV & Access Control for New Distribution Centre

Click 24, a Manchester Based Security Systems Installer, Install a unique NSI Gold Integrated CCTV & Access Control System in Large Distribution Centre

We’ve spent the last few weeks working with a unique client on the design of an integrated CCTV & Access system to protect the building  provide management systems, safety monitoring within the busy warehouse and control HGV’s and cars in and out of the site.

A total of 47 HIK Vision cameras are being installed, 6 ANPR cameras to control the barriers, 17 internal 8MP cameras with mainly 2.8mm lenses. And 24 external 8MP Bullet cameras to cover the vast elevations of the building.  Each of the video entry panels on the external doors and gates will be connected to 7 IP monitors.  The 7.5” monitors double up as a CCTV monitors, when not connected to the entry points these units will display selected cameras from the system.

The Access Control system consists of 20 doors and gates.  The cameras are integrated through software allowing the CCTV images associated with the Access Control doors to be displayed on the Access Controlled doors.  The Access Doors will be alarmed for security. If a door is forced or left ajar it will alarm on the software and provide the footage of “who left that door open”

The project will take 12 weeks from start to finish 8km of cable will be installed to complete the project.

The success of this type of work has been achieved by the development of the team; equipment has been identified and tested both in our training room and on site.  The Access Control has integrated cameras with the ANPR cameras working as readers.  The total area of the external area of the building is covered with the cameras linked to the Fire Door Alarms.  The CCTV provides reports on vehicles entering and leaving the site plus enhanced search facilities for the managers.

The system will be displayed on several monitors throughout the building with the video entry monitors being used to view CCTV cameras when they are not being used to identify people using the call points.

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We are always on the lookout for clients who require a company who’ll work with them to find the exact requirements enabling us to provide the optimum system for their next project.

Managing Large Contracts after the installation

The Click Team manage Several large contracts that require monthly/quarterly reporting on Maintenance Visits, Responsive Calls and Correctives.  The reports are produced and emailed to the clients representative.  Different contracts look for different types of information, the reports can be developed with the information.

Our system is set up with the client file, each of the client’s individual buildings have there own file.  E.g. a council with sites will have a contract cabinet and each site is associated with the main contract.

Click 24 CCTV Installers on site
A Click 24 Service Vehicle on site

Reports are produced on the contracts and take all of the information from each of the associated contracts.

Contract services are blocked to ensure time is efficient and each technician attending has a full day on the contract.

When a Click 24 technician arrives on a site he has all of the required information to carry out the works for each individual building.  This will have been sent to the PDA. 

Before a technician leaves site they will require a client signature. This is an opportunity to discuss the works and advise on any further works or changes required to the system

The information sent contains all of the site information and the main contract information, building contacts and main contacts, the fault he is attending and the last visits to the system. They can check the history, any previous notes made and specific settings and codes for the equipment they are working on.

The works on site are carried out and the technician completes the check list for the works undertaken.  The information is then transferred back to the company server and is reviewed by the service team.  Any further actions are noted on the electronic docket.  This could be a follow up required, quote for replacement equipment or information to be stored on the contract.

Follow ups and quotes are forwarded to the client. The Electronic docket is also forwarded to the contract manager.

We are not familiar with Third Party Operating Systems.  Our system is a bespoke software specifically designed for the Fire & Security Industry.  Information is forwarded by email and can be transferred to clients specialist operating systems.

Large contracts that we work with send information from contract management software, we deal with many different systems, the normal request is to reply to an email and forward information from our works back to the contract manager. To date we been able to comply with all requests for information and provide updates and information requested

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