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Intruder, Fire Alarm, Access Control, CCTV Maintenance Packages

Planned budgeted maintenance costs

Throughout the working life of your system you will require it to work to its optimum, this ensures peace of mind whilst you’re away from the business, whether it’s a basic intruder alarm, monitored or standalone cctv or your fire alarm system it’s paramount to keep it in good working condition. You can’t hire a one whilst yours is Repaired.

At Click 24 Ltd we have a working model that we believe fits 95% of the working systems in the field that we can offer a quality service to ensure you’re getting the optimum. If you’re in the 5% we’ll sit down and work out a site specific plan for your business.

Our approach to paperwork and having all of the information at hand is no secret, it works and that’s what we model our service on, if we’ve been you’ll know from the report, If it all goes wrong we have on standby our fault department

We have a help desk within the business to cover the unexpected faults that may occur with your system. Click24 staff will deal with contract and non-contract customers, contract customers take preference with non-contract calls dealt with as soon as an engineers are available, sorry but we can only deal with non-contract within working hours.

Our phone is answered 24 hours a day to ensure you get the fastest response possible, remote engineering is our specialty, if we can dial in correct the fault and get you staff home we feel we are providing the optimum.

The importance of maintenance

 All NSI certified systems require maintenance to keep the certificate valid. Certificates are provided for Intruder, CCTV Access Control.

 A competent person in line with the recommendations of BS5839 must service fire alarm systems.

Where do we start? Initial visit and set up of maintenance plan

On arrival at site the system will be fully serviced, plans will be checked, updated and printed as the working system, all of the documentation will be checked and verified as correct, the system will be split down into the service plan, and any click24 technician called to site will have the system information at hand.

Off Site Monitoring

Of site GPRS options, an intruder alarm signalling device that uses both the mobile phone network, GPRS and your telephone and/or iP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed.

Simply ask for advice and check with your insurer’s requirements, order the G2, G3, G4 or the fire version dependent on the grade you require.

The benefits of a click 24 maintenance plan

1, Guaranteed response to critical equipment faults, ensuring the minimum vulnerability of the building and system down time

2, Un-limited telephone support, 24 hours a day, often eliminating the need for a service visit

3, Remote diagnostics were possible, enabling system re-setting and minor programming alterations (subject to a phone line being connected)

4, Regular checking of all the systems back-up batteries and chargers preferential rates for all service parts as per the contract agreement training to ensure your staff are getting the very best from your syste

5, Prevents loosing back-up data with the regular system checks

6, All equipment is cleaned to prevent poor detection / images

7, Full walk test check the ranges of the detectors

Emergency cover

Faults to the system out of hours will be covered by our out of hour’s team,

Contact number 01706 751 999, this will transfer the call direct to the telephone support on-call engineer

Loan equipment

Free use of loan equipment for the first 28 days whilst equipment is away repair

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