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Intruders: How To Make Your Business Secure – High risk practices and deterrents

How to make sure your business is secure and protected from intruders

What are high-risk practices for a business?

There are a number of company practices which can make you an easy target for burglars.

Lack of Key Security

If a company has open access for everyone, there is a higher risk of sophisticated burglaries occurring as the criminal can gain inside information from any of the employees at the site. To make the premises more secure, only specific staff members should have access to certain keys or combination locks and they should have a full understanding of the importance of locking and securing the premises. A thorough locking up should be done every day and includes any windows, doors, cabinets and office where valuables are stored.

Keeping High Value Items in Sight

Companies that keep items in plain sight of criminals are more likely to be targeted as it is making their job easier knowing where the high value items are. The most common item stolen from businesses is mobile phones, which are stolen 36% of the time. They are both of high value and contain valuable company data. If a mobile is stolen, it can cost the business hundreds in replacement and if there is company information stored on it, it could mean there is possibility of a data breach.

What intruders steal most: Smart phones

Lack of Lighting on the Premises

Burglars thrive in darkness. If your business is lacking in both internal and external lighting, it makes you a prime target for intruders to attempt to enter as they are less likely to be seen. The main entrances and car parks should be lit up at night to highlight any unusual activity when the business is closed.

No Security Systems

By having an either outdated, broken or no security system at all, you make your business a major target for intruders.

Criminals generally have a good understanding of security systems and so are able to tell if a system is outdated or not working. As this is the case, it is extremely high risk to leave the security system in such a way, especially if there are high value items within the premises.

Intruder alarm system

What can you implement to deter intruders from targeting your business?

Commercial burglaries are a constant threat for businesses, with the theft rate rising year on year. Burglars look for easy ways in which they can steal high value items as fast as possible and so there are multiple procedures you can put in place to try and deter them from attempting to steal from your site.

Access Control System

You should restrict the access of unauthorised personnel to certain parts of your premises. To get onto the site, vehicle access should be restricted so that intruders aren’t able to get their vehicles close to the building. It is also a good idea to have some sort of access control system in place to enter the building once you are through such as ID cards where employees are authorised access instantly while visitors have to have one printed.

Access Control Fob Entry

Additionally, doors throughout the building could use access control to restrict access of specific people to certain parts of the building. These can come in various forms such as keypad, proximity fob or card, intercom or biometric system.

Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarms are a basic security system for businesses to scare away any trespassers and alert people nearby that there is an intrusion. As soon as there is an attempted entry, it activates the alarm which can be triggered through a range of devices such as door contacts, movement detectors, break glass sensors or vibration detectors.

Click 24 intruder alarm

If you have your intruder alarm system monitored, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) alerts the keyholders and the police immediately for a prompt response, giving you peace of mind that your property is secured quickly.

CCTV System

Having a CCTV System installed is one of the best ways to stop intruders trying to access your property. Burglars have a fear of being watched and the thought of being under surveillance. Through having CCTV installed, it also means that it can be used to capture the faces of the criminals as well as it being useful for proof and evidence. Dependent on the size of your business, you can install a range of cameras to deter burglars. These range from; Simple and Large CCTV Systems to Monitored CCTV Systems and ANPR CCTV Systems. By using Click 24 for your CCTV System, you not only get an NSI Gold certificate but also enhanced warranties.

CCTV footage at Click 24

Physical Reinforcements

Making sure that all entrances have high quality doors and locks is essential to deterring intruders. Burglars generally look for an easy way to enter the property and by having easy to break entrances, you make yourself a prime target for criminals. You should also ensure that windows are secure as these tend to be broken in smash and grab burglaries.

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