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NSI – Nacoss Intruder Alarm System, Three new clients in Rochdale, Ashton and Oldham



Three new clients have come on board in the last week, we have surveyed they’re thoughts. The systems simply provide piece of mind, If I’m targeted my system will minimalize the risk

NSI – Nacoss Intruder Alarm System – Do I need one?

After many years of visiting clients who are looking at their security arrangements, we continually have the same reasons for not believing a Graded Intruder Alarm system will benefit the business

The chap this week is a manager of a company who work from offices, it’s a modern office estate in Rochdale, the concern is that the Police won’t attend if there is an alarm and in his opinion he doesn’t have anything that would be attractive to a burglar, just a few computers but no stock. His priority is Access Control to prevent people entering the business during working hours. Little consideration has been given to people entering when the building is empty and un-protected

I have a total respect for the people who are running these businesses and I do know how tight things are when it comes to buying capital items

Here are the facts I have asked him to consider

Reports show a typical burglary costs £3950.00 for a burglary

“IF” an Intruder enters a business with a Click Fire & Security Ltd.  NSI, Nacoss Gold Monitored Alarm System the average time the burglar is on site is less than 5 minutes

“IF” an intruder enters a business without a monitored alarm system the likelihood is they will wait for the bell delay to end and re-enter the premises, they can stop for hours!

There are other options, diallers on the alarm systems are favoured by very small owner operator shops and garages. This is better than relying on the external bell but will not give the assurance that you get with a monitored system.

In this day of risk assessment, the best thing to do is to reduce the risk of any disruption to a business

A monitored alarm system installed correctly with monitoring and maintenance is by far the best way of protecting any business.  Our Recommendation was a Grade 2 alarm system with ATS 4 monitoring. The unit is low risk but will have the benefit of the alarm monitoring. The system will be installed to EN50131. PD6662 and BS8243

Were always keen to speak to clients and will offer advice on electronic Fire & Security Systems to clients

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