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Our year in review

Jan 4, 2021 | News | 0 comments

A year of highs and lows in 2020 and what’s in store for us in 2021

2020 has been a strange and challenging year. We didn’t expect at the beginning of the year that this is how it was going to turn out, however, we’ve pushed through and managed to come out of the other side.

In January, our year started as any other year has. We all came into the New Year with fresh minds, ready to start the year on a high. Little did we know what we were going to face in the coming months. As we left January behind, February began and was when action plans were being put into place for what would happen should the worst scenario occur.

As March approached, this was the game changing month. We were forced to break the team down into working from home, furlough and job changes and the team had to adapt to the change in working practices.

Hand sanitiser and face masks

We had to ensure that all employees were safe in their working environment, whether they were in the office or at site. We sourced a supply of hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes to ensure that all staff members could wipe down work surfaces regularly and keep their hands clean throughout the day. Additionally, face masks were given when they were required to employees. Sourcing such materials was a major challenge at the time as everyone was trying to bulk buy face masks and sanitiser causing a nationwide shortage.

The team were brilliant through this time, getting stuck in and working excellently, collaborating to get the job done. Everyone took on different roles to ensure that business processes continued to run as smoothly as they normally would. Our team’s work ethic was amazing and they helped pull us through the pandemic.

After the lockdown was confirmed in March, the next few months following saw many changes which we had to constantly monitor and manage to ensure we were keeping staff and clients safe through the developing situation.

NSI Logo

As September crossed our paths, we started our biggest job of the year, completing a major fire and access control install on a prestigious office block in Manchester which covers 20 acres of land. Our works were completed on time and were officially finished mid December.

As the year drew closer to the end, October saw our three-yearly NSI re-certification audit. It couldn’t have gone any better and saw us being re-certified with our gold status once again. This achievement was a great morale boost for the team after the difficult challenges we had experienced throughout the year.

As a nice close to the end of year which had been full of highs and lows, we celebrated the company’s 10th birthday. Click opened its doors back in November 2010 and has grown mainly through referral to become the company it is today, providing fire and security solutions for a range of commercial clients.

To finish the year and start fresh this month, we have updated our marketing materials. We have developed our company brochure and had customised pens made, ready to distribute to clients and potential customers.

Click 24 branded pens
financial achievements

Looking at our financial year for 2020, we are up 33% from 2019. Considering the complications we’ve encountered; this is a phenomenal achievement and shows we can prosper as a company. So, we’re sure we’ll be able to navigate our way through whatever is thrown at us in 2021, working as a strong team.

Our next goal for this month is to gain our BAFE certification. BAFE is a fire safety register and by achieving another accreditation, it will show our clients how competent we are as a fire and security installer and maintenance provider. Our audit is towards the end of the month – watch this space.

For the coming year, we hope that 2021 will be a successful year. We are still unsure of how the year will pan out and what is in store for us, however, we are positive things will get better.

Happy New Year to everyone and good luck for 2021!

happy new year

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