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Rochdale based CCTV Company, Manchester Monitored CCTV

Manchester Monitored CCTV – Multiple users, Un-setting the system

Equipment. Galaxy Intruder Alarm, Davantis CCTV Analytics. A Hik CCTV recorder and cameras and our loud mouth, external audio speakers

Barrier by Autogate systems access control Paxton Net 2

Quite a brain teaser this week for the team. A Manchester base company has vehicles entering the site 24 hours a day. Different drivers coming and going. The site needs to be protected out of hours.

After going through the options passwords where thought to be un-secure. When the driver approaches the barrier there is an audio button, this contacts the monitoring station. Tried and failed the trucks just rolled in and constantly set the alarm off. Access control suspended the monitoring. This failed, the Davantis has an on off input. The second driver in re-sets the system

A bit of head scratching and the solution was found. Using 2 disciplines working together the system is un-set and set when the last vehicle leaves. Even if 2 go in and 1 comes out it still sets. Just a real brain teaser

Client should be really happy next week

This installation is just another in a line of CCTV monitored systems we are installing to protect business and people, the systems are clear precise and doing exactly what the client requires

Do you have an external security risk we can assess and provide a solution?


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