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Successful Fifth CCTV Order for Rochdale Based Manufacturing Company

CCTV Systems Supplied to Rochdale Based Manufacturer

We’re excited to announce that we have just received our fifth order from a manufacturing company based in Rochdale. Their latest order is for a CCTV system in their new manufacturing facility. It is to monitor the processes of their robots which they use on site for some of their applications and includes a new recorder to give them 100 days of recording required.

Previously, we have provided them with a range of CCTV equipment installations and maintenance:

Order 1: We provided CCTV solutions which covered the general area of where they keep their stacker tucks and the general walkways.

Order 2: The client realised the benefit of using IP cameras and so we covered some of their machines. They were then able to dial in from home and view any problems and break downs when they occurred.

Order 3: They wanted their recording upgraded to 90 days and so we installed new recorders which had enough storage to be able to last 100 days. The recording was then split between two units. As well as this, we also installed CCTV cameras and monitors on some of their plant equipment. This has meant their operatives are now able to view the middle and far end of the machine which was previously not possible at over 20 metres long. They can now shut the machine down instantly if they see something start to go wrong through the monitors.

Order 4: We covered some of their external areas, detecting loading and movement around the yard, with the client system moved to over 40 cameras.

As CCTV technology advances, the use of CCTV to monitor manufacturing has major benefits to ensure that the high levels of safety required in these environments are met. It enables you to identify any possible hazards quickly and efficiently and identify if there are any unsafe working conditions, reducing your machines’ downtime. It also enables you to check if existing systems are being followed correctly and the quality of the products being produced are of a high standard.

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