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Fire Alarm Challenge This Month

Click 24’s Fire Alarm Challenge This Month

We find that every month we seem to face a challenge and this month has been no exception. We have been working with a public building that had a ten year old Hybrid Fire Alarm System. It was clear that the system had been problematic for quite some time with the radio signal dropping in and out constantly.

The building is one where you struggle to get phone signal once ten metres in and the question was asked why they had decided to install a system which was half cabled and half radio. On further inspection, we found that there was a complete lack of any cable route hence why the system was combined.

Two weeks ago, we sent a team of six engineers to site with six MEWPS working twelve hour nights to complete the job on the Fire Alarm System. The job sheet included:

  • Install a new containment system to connect all of the radio detector positions
  • Install the new panel
  • Commission the new detection to replace the radio
  • When complete, change the system over loop by loop

Two weeks on, our team have installed 230 x 3.6 metre lengths of 25-millimetre conduit, 2500 metres of cable and have installed 240 devices on the new panel. Our team are arriving back on site tonight to do a full test and certification later this week.

We’re extremely proud of the team and their efforts over the past few weeks with the amount of work they have completed.

We’re now focusing on the challenges we’ll be facing over the next month and hope they’ll be as successful as this task was.

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