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A guide to choosing the correct CCTV system for your commercial premises

When you are considering installing a new CCTV system or updating your old one, it is important to think about what you want from the system and how it will aid your operation. We have created a guide below to help you when deciding what CCTV system you need. By answering the five questions, it gives you more insight into the type of system you require.


1. What do you want to capture?

When choosing which cameras to install at your business, it is important to think about what you want to capture as this will determine the type of system required at your premises. Do you need clear visuals of faces? Do you want a motion sensor to highlight any movement in front of the cameras? Do you need night vision to monitor when it is dark?

2. What do you need to cover?

It’s imperative that you place CCTV cameras in the correct place so that you can monitor the areas effectively. You also need to think about the installation. Is there a part of the building you can attach a camera to, to view that area? Do you need a camera that moves to cover a bigger area?

3. Does it need to be scalable?

Will you need to add more cameras at a later date? Is flexibility and scalability important to you? If it is, you need to consider whether the system you have can be adapted easily or if it would require you to rip out the entire system and start from scratch.

4. Do you need a high storage capacity?

How many hours of footage do you need to store before it overwrites? If you need a lot of hours, it may require you to have a bigger hard drive. The last thing you need is to go to look back at footage to realise that it has been wiped and you can no longer view it.

5. Do you need audio?

Do you want the ability to be able to hear what is going on in the footage that is being recorded? Or do you want to be able to speak to perpetrators who try to enter your property? If so, you will need to consider a CCTV system which facilitates audio footage.

As well as considering all of the above options you will also need to decide whether a maintenance contract is best for you. We not only install a range of CCTV systems from a number of manufacturers, but we also maintain them too.

By maintaining your system, you can have peace of mind that your system is always in full working order. If your equipment has a critical fault, we aim to fix it within 4 hours and if you have any technical issues that we can resolve over the phone, our engineers can telephone assist you which save on the call out charge.

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