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Making it clear what Dual Path Signalling is

What is Dual Path Signalling?

A lot of insurance companies require that their clients use dual path signalling alarms at their premises. DualCom is a type of dual path signalling device that provides remoted signalling in different grades, dependent on what your business requires. They can either be Grade 2, Grade 3 or Grade 4. It totally combines telephone and radio technologies to provide continuous security for both you and your property.

DualCom GPRS from CSL DualCom is an alarm signalling device which uses both the Vodaphone network and your telephone and/or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed.

Through combining telephone and radio together, it ensures that alarm signals are always transmitted by DualCom even though there could be damage to one of the signalling paths. Intruder alarm systems that rely purely on a single phone line can be disabled if the line is cut, therefore meaning that your premises would be unprotected.

With DualCom’s resilience added to the system, it provides a secure signalling path which makes a highly reliable police calling facility. This works even if one of the paths is down. DualCom can be added to any compatible Intruder alarms and any telephone line can be used with any service provider too. You also don’t have to wait as same day service is possible. Another benefit of using DualCom is that it transmits its signals without incurring telephone charges.

DualCom Dual Signalling: What do you get?

  1. Police response for Intruder/burglar alarm signals, you have a 90 second window to disarm the system if you’re on the entry route (detectors and contacts around the un-setting point).
  2. Keyholders will be called on the first activation, a second detector activated is a confirmed alarm signal is received. This will call the Police if the system has a URN (Unique Reference Number).
  3. A Panic Button calls the Police out immediately.
  4. Low battery report to keyholders if your electricity supply fails when you’re not there.
  5. Fire alarm signals sent by DualCom can also be passed to the fire brigade by the monitoring station out of hours.
  6. Two maintenance visits in the year are required when your system is monitored by Dualcom in line with BS8243

*Note! It’s not unusual for the monitoring station to ring the premises during working hours to check if it’s a false alarm*

CSL DualCom dual path signalling

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