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NSI Gold CCTV Installations

CCTV footage of the external areas of a site using one of our CCTV systems

24/7 Monitoring to protect your premises

CCTV Systems of all shapes and sizes to suit your Business

Click 24 provide, maintain and repair CCTV Systems to protect both our client’s property and their people at all times. If you are concerned about suspicious activity inside or outside of your property, we will design a system that provides peace of mind by way of a deterrent whilst also providing vital evidence. The importance of having high-quality video footage when it comes to reviewing the events cannot be underestimated and the HD footage can often help to identify offenders captured on our CCTV Systems.

We are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of coaxial and network CCTV systems with previous installations ranging from 4 to 500 camera systems. These CCTV systems are maintained by our highly trained, knowledgeable staff and utilise industry-leading technology and equipment.

One of our installations of a Hikvision camera

Our CCTV System Options

Simple & Large CCTV Systems

Security Camera Systems are a part of every-day building management these days.  We offer an extensive range  of CCTV systems to monitor everything from Security to Health and Safety and Manufacturing Processes.

Whether you require a simple set-up with a few cameras recording on a low-end commercial NVRs or have bigger sites with 100 plus cameras recording on a bank of NVRs, Click 24 can get you set up.

Monitored CCTV Systems

We can also provide CCTV Systems with off site monitoring. These are normally installed with external speakers connected to a public address amplifier enabling the staff at the monitoring station to receive alarms when the system is activated and take steps to remove the threat from your site.

Modern CCTV technology also allows for footage to be viewed at the monitor or on mobile devices providing the recorders are connected to a stable internet connection.


ANPR is a feature that allows static cameras to identify the registration numbers of vehicles within a specific range.  The system takes the information and stores it on a data base.

Our ANPR cameras have outputs and can be used to open gates and barriers as well as identifying and raising the alarm on unwanted vehicles. In addition to these great features, the systems also integrate with Access Control and will show the entry and exit times on your Access Control Software.

Why choose a Click 24 CCTV System?

Enhanced Warranties and NSI Gold Certification

Click 24 install CCTV systems in line with the requirements of EN50132 and provide an NSI Gold Certificate, Completion Certificate and a maintenance plan.

Enhanced warranties are also offered on the equipment with 3 years offered on the NVR recorder and 2 years on the CCTV Cameras.  There are no labour charges for any warranty works if the system has a maintenance contract in place and as an added bonus, the contract also provides loan equipment whilst any part of the system is sent away for repair meaning your business is always safe and secure.

CCTV Equipment is covered for up to 3 years


24 Hour, High Quality Recording & Connectivity

With the expansion of the modern systems’ storage capacity, CCTV systems can now record high quality images and keep them stored for as long as 100 days. These modern NVR’s have the capacity to record from 4 cameras to hundreds of cameras over several sites. In addition to the recording capabilities, remote connections from smart phones, tablets and PCs is now the norm for the latest systems.


I-Lids Video Analytics

iLids is the UK’s government standard for the use of video analytics to provide an alarm when the circumstances on the CCTV image match the settings and monitoring of the video. This could be a person, vehicle or a pre-programmed set of circumstances on site. The units can count actions, people, and vehicles and also raise alarms when the video image is going the wrong way in the view, e.g. a car travelling the wrong way up a street.


Extensive Camera Options

We can provide everything from basic options such as IP and HD Dome Cameras suited to indoor monitoring or External IP & HD Static Cameras for deployment around buildings, external areas and large open areas. We can also install Fully Functional Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras (PTZ Cameras) such as HIK Vision’s Darkfighters that have the ability to turn through 360 degrees and zoom in and out to view a specific image and follow a target meaning nothing gets missed.

Click 24 utilise the latest camera technology

Warn your Intruder

The installation of a Public Address system in line with the CCTV cameras allows an operator at the remote monitoring station to communicate with people within the camera view. An operator watching an event can warn the people off site and monitor the situation.

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