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Fire Alarms

British Standard Fire Alarm Systems

From standard Fire Alarms to Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Manchester Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance

Fires are by far the most destructive and disruptive cause of damage to a business. Fire is probably the most catastrophic event which a building is likely to experience and carries with it not just a threat to property but also to the lives and safety of your staff and visitors. Such an event can often cause consequential loss which your business may not be insured against, such as the provision of temporary accommodation and the loss of data and records. Here at Click 24, we can protect you from these worries.

We can provide a range of Fire Alarm systems and products including portable extinguishers and emergency lighting units and systems. All of our Fire Alarm systems are designed and maintained with the very latest in Fire Alarm technology and are maintained regularly in accordance with national standards, statutory requirements and best practice.

In many cases the design of the Fire Alarm system is dependent on the fire risk assessment, we work closely with many surveyors advising them on the Fire Alarm element of their report.

Our Fire Alarm System Options

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

The type of Fire Alarm system you require depends on a number of factors, such as the type of building your business uses and the Fire Risks present. For some businesses a Conventional Fire Alarm may be an adequate Fire Safety solution.

A Conventional Fire Alarm system divides your premises into broad zones that allow you to identify the general area that the fire is in, but not the precise location. This type of Fire Alarm set-up is most suitable for smaller buildings or lower risk environments.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

An Addressable Fire Alarm system can save you precious time and reduce your efforts in discovering a fire risk. With this type of system, each individual device, such as the Smoke Detectors or the Fire Call Points, have their own unique electronic address meaning that if one activates, the fire alarm panel tells you precisely where the problem is.

This more advanced type of Fire Alarm system is most suitable for larger or higher risk environments such as Schools, Care Homes and Hospitals.

Choose Click 24 for Fire Safety

Fire Safety Experts that you can trust

We have the experience to provide a Fire Alarm system design in line with your requirements based on both risk and a building’s use. Our designers work in collaboration with our clients in the design of the optimum system for their needs and the safety of their properties and people.

The British Standards Institution recommends that a Fire Alarm system should be inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months and the government recommend following this standard. With Click 24 as your Fire Safety provider you can rest assured that everything will be working as it should as our service team regularly maintain systems up to 1000 devices and all of our technicians are trained on the latest Fire Alarm equipment and Fire Alarm systems.

Addressable Fire Systems pinpoint the Fire Safety issue


Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety regulations stipulate that the responsible person at any premise must have a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment carried out by a competent person. You can choose to undertake this task yourself but carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment can be time consuming and that it might not meet the legal requirements when done by an untrained person.

You may want to consider leaving it to the professionals at Click 24. Our Fire Risk Assessors are fully qualified by the British Safety Council with a minimum of 7 years experience in the Fire Alarm Industry, allowing us to provide Fire Risk Assessments in Manchester and further afield. 


Fire Safety Training

Your Fire Risk Assessment will determine the level of Fire Safety Training needed for your staff. This may range from issuing booklets or using videos to undergoing a tailored Fire Safety course.

Whatever is recommended, we will ensure that your company complies with the training requirements under Fire Safety legislation.


A wide range of Fire Alarm systems and products to suit all requirements

There are numerous ways of reducing the risk of fire damage. Along with our installations of conventional and addressable Fire Alarm Systems, we also specialise in advanced fire protection such as automatic fire detection systems, automatic extinguishing, substantial physical compartmentation, effective fire resistant doors and, for the purposes of health and safety, emergency lighting.

Industry leading Fire Equipment

Up to Standard

UK Fire Alarm legislation doesn’t specify exactly which type of Fire Alarm System should be used in which types of premises – it comes down to what is appropriate for your particular business.

To make sure you get the right fire alarm system to meet UK Fire Alarm regulations, it is recommended that you use a reputable Fire Safety company, like the team here at Click 24 to design it.

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