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Safety System Maintenance

Planned, Budgeted Maintenance Contracts

Throughout the working life of your system you will require it to work to its optimum, this ensures peace of mind whilst your away from the business, whether it’s a basic Intruder Alarm, Monitored or Standalone CCTV or your Fire alarm system, it’s paramount to keep it in good working condition. After all, you can’t hire a one whilst yours is repaired!

At Click 24 we have a working model that we believe fits 90% of the working systems in the field that we can offer a quality service to ensure your getting the optimum. If your in the 10% we’ll sit down and work out a site specific plan for your business.

Our approach to paperwork and having all of the information at hand is no secret, it works and that’s what we model our service on, if we’ve been you’ll know from the report.

Our large team of technicians are there for you 24/7

We are here for you 24 Hours a day

Click 24 clients enjoy the benefit of a peace of mind with Maintenance contracts for their Security and Life Safety Systems. Having these contracts in place ensures that our technicians are on hand for you and your business 24 hours a day.

This is particularly useful as Insurers are more demanding these days and, in most cases, require the service contract to be with a certified company. All NSI Certified Systems require maintenance to keep the certificate valid. Certificates are provided for our Intruder Alarms, CCTV Systems and the Access Control Systems.

A competent person must service Fire Alarm systems, in line with the recommendations of BS5839.

Where do we start?

What happens on our initial visit and how do we go about setting up a maintenance plan? On arrival at site the system will be fully serviced and the plans will be checked, updated and printed. All of the documentation will be checked and verified to make sure everything is correct then the system will be split down into the service plan. This means that any Click 24 technician called to site will have the system information at hand.

Current Contracts serviced by Click 24

All of our services are dedicated solely to commercial clients and we serve a wide range of client types. You can rest assured that your Security and Life Safety systems will always be in top working condition with Click 24.

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Call on us at any time

24 Hour Fault Department

We have a help desk within the business to cover the unexpected faults that may occur with your system. Click 24’s fault department will help both contract and non-contract customers with contract customers being our number one priority. All non-contract calls are dealt with as soon as an engineers are available.

Our phone is answered 24 hours a day to ensure you get the fastest response possible and remote engineering is our specialty. If we can dial in remotely to correct the fault and get your staff home, we feel we are providing the optimum service.

Rapid Response Times

Assuming all of the alarms within the North West don’t go off at once, we aim to have faults dealt with within 4 hours dependent on the type of system installed. During office hours calls are dealt with by our staff. Out of hours we have a dedicated call centre who have direct contact with our engineering team.

Should we get an alert about Critical Faults, they will be dealt with immediately. Your maintenance package will also include remote engineering as standard; this allows us to dial in and check the status of the system remotely where possible, in many cases we can solve problems within minutes.

Benefits of System Maintenance


Guaranteed Critical Fault Response


24 Hour Support


Remote Diagnostics


Regular Battery Checks


Preferential rates for Service Parts


Staff Training


Prevent Data Loss


Equipment Cleaning


Detector Range Tests

Loan Equipment

We go the extra mile and can provide you with loan equipment whilst any faulty parts are being repaired.

There’s a number of ways to Get in touch with us and discuss your System Maintenance needs!


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